MARCH 2018

LMMS PTSA is proud to announce that our Teacher of the Month for
March 2018 is:

Diane Hanse

Please take a minute to congratulate Ms. Hanse and let her know how much we appreciate all she does for our students.

Here is how she was described for her nomination

  • "She is always proud of us." – Student
  • “She is awesome! She is very nice and sweet. She makes learning an adventure for our class every day.” - Student
  • "She is a wonderful teacher and loves her students. She is good at what she does." – Student
  • “Ms. Hanse is awesome! She is fair with all of the students and sets a really good example for work ethic.” - Parent

We would like to thank the Daily Grind who is donating a lunch each month for our winning teacher of the month!  Daily Grind is one of our PTSA Business Supporters this school year and we appreciate their support of our PTSA and our teachers.  You (our parents) make it possible for Daily Grind to treat the Teacher of the Month to lunch by supporting the Teacher’s Lunch Box program throughout the school year. You can treat a teacher to lunch anytime. Thank you and please visit  to find out more about the Teacher’s Lunch Box program.


Ms. Hanse will also receive the following:
$25 Visa gift card
Awesome traveling trophy
Certificate of Appreciation
An awesome parking spot

Chick-fil-A Coupons

Previous Awardees:
September 2017 – Audrey Rice
October 2017 – Kacy Bishop
November 2017 – Coach Ravenscraft
December 2017 – Lauren Newell
January 2018 – Ryan Ridgely

February 2018 – Jenny Felix
March 2018 – Diane Hanse
April 2018 -