Lost Mountain Middle School is excited to bring our students the “Eagle Block” that will serve students in remediation, acceleration, clubs, and fun activities.  The Eagle Block will start in January and run on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3rd and 4th period.  This gives all students the opportunity to take part in tutoring, make-up tests and school work, clubs, and special interest classes during the school day.

Students will have the opportunity to choose their Eagle Block class from a class catalog designed by our teachers, unless their teacher has assigned a student to a specific tutorial or make-up session.  Some examples of classes that may be  offered are:  Study hall, Book club, Robotics, Coding, Science Club, Jr. BETA, drawing, and organizational skills.  The list will change every week and will allow our students to explore new classes and interests.  Students will record the sessions they will attend each week in their agendas.

Students that need to re-test or make up work will be assigned to a teacher that leads that session.  We will prioritize days for specific curriculum each week.

ALL students will be present in a session.  Students without an agenda, roaming the hallway, or refusing to attend a session will be taken to ISS for the Eagle Block session that day.

Our hope is this block of time will allow the majority of our clubs and activities to be run during the day to limit the amount of time students are required to come early to school.  This should allow more access for our students to become part of a group and try new interests.

If your student needs to purchase a new LMMS student agenda, please provide $10 and a written note requesting a new agenda to the bookkeeper, Mrs. Liedberg.



 November 2018



LMMS PTSA is proud to announce that our Teacher of the Month for

November 2018 is:
Cara Coe


Please take a minute to congratulate Ms. Coe and let her know how much we appreciate all she
does for our students.
Here is how she was described for her nomination: 
"She is so nice and a wonderful teacher" – unknown
“She is very kind, makes everyone smile and makes us feel comfortable" - Ashley Wallace

“You can tell she enjoys teaching" - unknown

We would like to thank the Daily Grind who is donating a lunch each month for our winning teacher
of the month!  Daily Grind is one of our PTSA Business Supporters this school year and we
appreciate their support of our PTSA and our teachers.  You (our parents) make it possible for Daily
Grind to treat the Teacher of the Month to lunch by supporting the Teacher’s Lunch Box program
throughout the school year. You can treat a teacher to lunch anytime. Thank you and please visit
http://www.dailygrindnews.com/   to find out more about the Teacher’s Lunch Box program.


Ms. Coe will also receive the following:

$25 Visa gift card
Awesome traveling trophy
Certificate of Appreciation
An awesome parking spot
Chick-fil-A Coupons


Previous Awardees:
September 2018 – Michelle Thrash
October 2018 – Amanda Wilhelm
November 2018 – Cara Coe
December 2018 – 
January 2019 – 
February 2019 – 
March 2019 – 
April 2019 – 

This program takes the place of the plastic Publix shoppers cards we currently swipe at the register.  Publix Partners is already in effect and the current program with the shoppers cards expires September 30th, 2018.

In case you missed our Hot Topic about Parenting in the Digital Age, Dr. Agatston has put together the following information to assist you in speaking with your child:


   Biscuit Sales every Tuesday

Come get a Chick Fil A chicken biscuit each TUESDAY for breakfast!  Sales begin at 8:15 am and run until we are sold out.  Cost is $3 each - cash and check accepted.  Biscuit tickets are also available for purchase, 11 tickets for $30 - tickets are redeemable for one biscuit each.

The School Store is open! The store contains school supplies, music supplies, snacks and more! Any parent wishing to put money on a student account for the school store may do so by dropping off an envelope with cash or check, online payments via paypal require a printed receipt be sent in to the store. Students may bring cash to pay for items (bills $20 & under only). The school store is open 8:50 – 9:10 most school days but is closed on all half days and day after student holidays. We also may close if a volunteer is out sick or unable to attend a given day.




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