6th & 7th Grade Parents - Chaperones are needed for the 8th grade dance on Saturday, May 5 from 5-9 pm.  It is tradition that the 7th grade class chaperone the 8th grade dance so that the kids can have a great time.  We are also asking for help from 6th grade. 

Please sign up and mark your calendar now!  




Once a month parent volunteers come in to relieve the 7th grade teachers of their lunchroom duty so they can have one free lunch each month. Volunteers will stay in the lunchroom to monitor student behavior (ie: staying seated, no running or leaving the lunchroom) during the 7th grade lunches. Once a table gets up to leave, please use the spray bottle with cleaning solution to spray down the table. Each class has 2 assigned students that will wipe down the tables.

Click here to sign up: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/10c0c4fa5aa22aafe3-lmms5/11295983